Marco is a hafling wizard's apprentice.


Marco is a halfling that also happens to be an apprentice wizard. Marco’s aptitude for magic, very rare among hobbits, was noticed when he found a scroill in the forest. Marco was always interested in the arcane arts and dabbled with the scroll. This unfortunately resulted in the disintigration of the town mayor’s favorite cat. The community insisted that Marco be allowed to have magical training far away. Marco was refused apprenticeship at the mages college, but was taken in by a reclusive wizard known as Herbert the Brilliant.

Herbert had been a wizard of some repute, and had been well respected in the mages college for his bold magic research. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t always pay close attention to detail, which did result in some mishaps. The last of these had been when he raised the college’s main tower 100 feet into the air, where it got stuck. It took some long ropes and a levitate spell to rescue the noticably shaken occupants, and six months of various incantations to get the tower down. After this incident Herbert was relocated in his own tower far from the guild for “the good of everyone.”

Herbert was not sought after for apprenticeship any more, and Marco was a good fit for him. He was there for a year, learning the rudiments of arcane magic and alchemy, when Herbert went missing. Marco is sure that magic was involved since he disappeared from his own tower from a room locked from the inside. Distraught, he set out to visit the mages guild in the capital for help. On the fourth day of his journey he was set upon by goblin raiders and captured.


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