Children of the Westerlands

The Crypt

Caspian hiked through the forest for several hours, making sure to put some distance between himself and his captors. Just before dawn, he came to a clearing deep in the woods. In the center stood a square stone building. The building was two stories high, and appeared to be very old. There were worn stone steps leading up to a rusty iron door.

Caspian though the place looked dangerous and decided to avoid it entirely. He moved past the building into the bushes behind it. Then the ground gave way, and he fell downward, landing in a pool of cool water. Spluttering he swam to the edge and pulled himself out. He could see the grey light of the dawn coming through the hole high above, but had no way of reaching it. He rummaged in his bag of provisions and found a torch and some matches. The skin bag was sealed tight, and had kept his things dry. He lighted the torch, and saw that he was in a cave. Searching the cave he found an opening, with a hallway hewn out of the stone, with smooth walls.

Cautiosly he followed the hallway. After a short way, it led to a small room. Looking into the room he saw nothing at first, but then he heard a clattering sound, and there were two figures moving toward him. The were skeltons wearing delapidated armor, and carrying rusty swords. They moved slowly, swinging their weapons in front of them.

Caspian drew his daggers and sprang forward. He slammed his knife into the midsection of the closest soldier, knocking the skeleton backward as ribs shattered. The skeleton kept coming, swinging his rusty weapon, but Caspian easily avoided it. The other skeleton swung as well, and his sword glanced off of Caspian’s arm, cutting through his armor, and leaving a small wound.

Caspian slammed his knife into his first opponent, and he shattered and collapsed into a heap of bones. Before the other skeleton cound move, Caspian was on him, smashing his dagger into the empty skull. The skeleton kept coming, but swung his sword wide. Caspian swung his dagger again, and this skeleton also shattered.

Caspian picked up his torch and looked around the room. It appeared to be an old burial chamber, but most everything had been looted. He saw a hallway on the other side of the room similar to the one he had come out of. He followed this forward to another burial chamber.

From this chamber came a menacing roar. A huge furry humanoid moved toward him. Caspian set his torch down as it came closer, and drew his weapons. The creature was eight feet tall with huge teeth, it’s eyes staring blankly forward. The hobgoblin zombie moved forward, and Caspian slashed at it with his daggers, opening gashes that didn’t seem to affect it at all. The zombie swung at Caspian with his big fists, narrowly missing. Caspian stabbed his dagger again into the zombie, and they bit deep into it’s chest. It staggered again, then swung it’s huge fist, staggering Caspian backward as it landed on his chest. Caspian got up and slashed again, finally bringing the zombie down.

Looking around the room, Caspian found a locked door. There was also a heavy stone chest, that was locked, and seemed to be undisturbed. Caspian tried to pick the lock on the door, but he could not open it. Then he tried the chest. The ancient lock opened easily, and he peered inside to see a purple robe. Pulling it out a silver dagger with a jewelled hilt dropped to the floor. Caspian picked the dagger up, and discarded the robe. He noticed that the bottom of the chest was loose however, and he pulled it up. Underneath lay a silver key.

Caspian tried the key in the lock and it opened easily. Beyond the door was a long staircase leading upward. Caspian slowly climbed the stairs to find a door, barred from his side. Beyond he heard gruff voices in a language he couldn’t understand. He set down his torch, drew his knives, and opened the door. The door pushed forward with a groan, and Caspian saw too surprised goblins eating their breakfast. Immediately they dropped everything and fled out of a door on the opposite side of the room. Caspian gave chase, but they disappeared into the forest.



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