Children of the Westerlands

On the Way to Dyvnar

The adventurers return safely to Frieda’s house for a much needed rest. Frieda is grateful to them from rescuing her from the Blackrock Goblins and of course is more than willing to help out Natasha and her new friends. Marco who is deeply concerned about Herbert the Brilliant, wants desperately to travel to Dyvnar and enlist help from the Mage’s Guild to locate the missing wizard. Natasha and Caspian agree that they as well have business in Dyvnar and are happy to accompany Marco on the journey. Frieda is happy to provide provisions, bedrolls, and a pack horse for them to use on their journey. After the rescue, Renly has decided that he doesn’t wish to leave the house again.

The party starts out early the next morning and makes good time along the old dirt road toward Westlake. To their right is the edge of the forest and to the left are green fields and occasional farms. The spring weather is cool and comfortable. As evening falls they camp and spend an uneventful night under a clear sky of stars.

The next morning they awaken to overcast skies. As they start along the road early the travelers notice that the number of animals along the roadside seem decreased from yesterday, whether it is because of threatening rain or some other reason they can only speculate.

After just under two hours of traveling, the party come to a wagon overturned at the base of a small hill. The accident appears to be recent, but the cargo, passengers and horses are nowhere to be found. While inspecting the area, Marco hears a sound coming from the forest about 50 yards away. Moving closer they are able to identify frightened screams mixed with sinister laughter. The party creeps closer into the woods and see two goblins standing at the base of a large tree. They are laughing at a boy who is up the tree, and sneering with their pointed teeth. The boy is sobbing and wailing.

The heroes spring into action. Caspain rushes forward and looses a dagger with blinding speed. The dagger takes a goblin in the back, and he falls. Natasha rushes forward and slashes the second goblin, parting his leather armor and dealing a severe injury. The goblin flees in terror as Caspain gives chase. The goblin escapes amongst the underbrush.



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