Children of the Westerlands

Derek and Layla

With the goblins defeated, the boy comes down from the tree and starts speaking frantically. After being calmed down, he is able to relate his story. His name is Derek, and he and his sister Layla were on their way back to town with a wagonload of supplies for their family’s inn. They were attacked by goblins and their supplies and horses stolen. They were taken captive by the creatures, but Derek got free and fled. Hearing goblins persuing him, he had climbed a tree, only to be discovered. He says that the goblin’s camp is not far. He begs the party to free his sister.

The adventurers are happy to help. They moved quicky through the forest along a footpath. It wasn’t long until the clearing came into sight. Caspian in the lead could make out two goblins in light armor sitting near a rather large fire. The rest of the clearing was obscured from view by the thick forest.

Caspian moved quickly, rushing forward and throwing his dagger at the nearest goblin. His throw hit, injuring his target, but not killing him. Natasha moved forward and attacked the second goblin, cutting him down with her sword. Marco moved forward as well, although more slowly on his hobbit legs. The goblins were initially surprised, but then they moved to defend themselves. In addition to the two by the fire two more were in the clearing. One carried a heavy bow, and the other was painted in multicolor pigments, and held a decorated bone club.

The archer pulled his bow and loosed an arrow at Natasha, which narrowly missed. The shaman spoke strange words and shook his club. His spell failed however, and he was bathed in flame which left him howling in pain, ans slightly singed. Caspain drew another dagger from his belt and hacked at his opponent, finishing him. Natasha moved to the archer and slashed him with his sword. Marco came up from the rear and started casting a spell. Arcane missles lept from his staff, engulfing the archer and taking him down. The goblin shaman got up and noticing Marco cast his fire spell again, this time with success. The powerful flames engulfed him and down he went. Caspian moved to free Layla, while Natasha attacked the shaman, dealing him a nasty cut across the abdomen. The shaman cast another spell, this time erecting a fiery shield around him, in the shape of a demon’s face. Natasha struck again with her sword, the blow was deflected by the fiery shield, and the shaman used the his flame spell on Natasha, injuring he’s slightly and knocking her to the ground. Quickly she jumped to her feet though and drove a mighty thrust with her longsword through the goblin’s shield, finishing the battle.



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