Children of the Westerlands

Blackrock Fortress

Natasha has fled east from her home, but the journey has been costly and difficult. Looking for assistance she has sought out a friend, one of the few she could trust not to return her to her father. Frieda is a druid living on the Northeast edge of Elvenholme, a vast forest. Natasha arrives at Frieda’s house and is greeted by her assistant Renly. Frieda was attacked by Blackrock Goblins on her way back home from Westlake, the closest town. She is thought to be a captive at Blackrock Fortress, an ancient Dwarven structure, recently claimed by the goblins. There is a secret cave network that connects to the dungeons of the fortress, that Renly knows of, but they will need the assistance of a burglar to open the way. They travel to Westlake to find just such a person.

In Westlake they scour the taverns and locate Caspian, a young adventurer with the abilities they are seeking. He has recently come to town after his last job, trying to retrieve an ancient artifact from the nefarious Count Sedgewick ended in failure, and he was forced to flee for his life. Down on his luck at the present he is willing to take just about any job.

They hastily return to Frieda’s home for supplies and plan to assault the fortress that night. The lock on the cavern door is childsplay for Caspian, who honed his skills on locked doors in the capital city, and. Renly’s lamp they are soon exploring the ancient cavern. Giant rats and a gaint spider have made the cavern their home, which are dispatched by the warriors with little difficulty. Renly is of little help as he turnes out to be quite the coward. Soon the party encounters the door to the fortress’s dungeons across a bottemless chasm, but the bridge has fallen in. The group are able to fashion a bridge out of a length of rope they have brought, and get everyone across the chasm. Caspian opens the lock on the door on the other side to reveal a storeroom, full of ancient junk, the walls hung with rotting taperstries. There is a door across the room, which in not locked, but seems to be blocked from the other side. Further inspection reveals a small door behind a tapestry that opens into a blank wall in a lighted room. Sounds of conversation are coming down the hallway.

Caspian moves down the hallway silently and delivers an expertly thrown dagger into the back of one of the goblin guards, killing him instantly. The other guard arises, is assailed by Natasha and seriously wounded, but manages to escape up the nearby stairs, screaming for assistance.

Realizing there is no time to lose, the rescuers search the small cell block. They find Frieda and also a halfling, dressed with a wizard’s robe over a leather jerkin. Frieda introduces her fellow prisoner as Marco and insists that he must be freed as well. After getting free of his cell, Marco insists that he needs his gear, which is locked in a nearby closet. While retrieving this, the party members hear the guard come down the stairs.

Five goblin guards rush at the party, Natasha holds them off as the others run for the door, and then she dashes through herself as goblin knives are deflected off her armor.
As she kicks the board propping the door open free, the door slams shut and disappears, cutting off the pursuers. The group navigates its way back though the caves to freedom.



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