Children of the Westerlands


The adventurers returned to Westlake in the early hours of morning, and went directly to bed exhausted by their work. They all slept into the late morning and Caspian was up first and eating lunch in the nearby tavern. During his meal he was approached by a burly man with a beard, who greeted him warmly.

“I may have some work for you,” he said. “Let me buy you a drink.”

Caspian agreed, and while drinking, listened to the man talk about some business dealing. Not long into the discussion, he began to feel weak, and suddenly everything went black.

When Caspian awoke it was nighttime. He was in a wagon fitted with bars and a large lock, on a barred iron door. His weapons had been taken from him. The wagon was moving along the road slowly. After a couple of hours the wagon stopped. The burly man stepped down, and greeted Caspian.

“Hello there!” he said. “Count Sedgewich will be happy to see your face, and pay me well for finding you. Get some rest, you’re going to need it.”

A dwarf came along shortly and gave him a meal of dried beef and bread, and they all bedded down, Caspian in his cage.

The next morning, the wagon plodded along the road toward Count Sedgewick’s castle. The dwarf continued to bring food and water, and they travelled long into the evening, before stopping to camp again. Caspian was fast asleep when a nudge wakened him. It was the dwarf, shaking his arm.

“Here,” he said, handing Caspian a lockpick. “Take this and get out of here. I don’t like this kidnapping business one bit.”

Caspian took the lockpick, and easily opened the door of the cage. Stepping down he noticed a bag with his weapons and provisions sitting by the wagon. He drew his daggers and approached the sleeping figures of his captor.

“I wouldn’t be doing that now,” whispered the dwarf from behind him. “Just go or I’ll have to hurt you.”

Caspian turned and fled into the woods, moving as silently as he could.



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